West-MEC focuses solely on Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs that prepare students to enter the workforce and pursue continuing education. Working in partnership with our twelve member school districts, our business partners, and under the guidance of our governing board, West-MEC continues to enhance career education for thousands of students. Through the integration of academics, leadership, and skill training our CTE programs empower students for career and life success.

Preparing Students Today for Tomorrow’s Careers

Empower all students to participate fully in the economy by providing and enhancing Career and Technical Education

We believe that the following are key to ensuring success for our students:

  • Upgrading and enhancing existing courses and programs
  • Expanding the number and quality of courses available
  • Making courses as convenient as possible to students
  • Providing training to enter the workforce and pursue continuing education
  • Retraining to enhance job skills and career opportunities

West-MEC values and is committed to:

  • Delivery of quality, comprehensive, articulated, industry-validated programs, facilities, equipment and resources
  • A delivery system that includes classroom instruction. laboratory instruction, work-based learning, and a Career and Technical Student Organization
  • The success of students going directly into the workforce, further career training, or post-secondary education
  • Strong partnerships with all district stakeholders
  • Quality Career and Technical Education professional development for all
  • The recognitions of achievements in Career and Technical Education
  • The advancement and success of Career and Technical Education in member districts
  • Lifelong learning
  • Providing key leadership in education reform and modernization

West-MEC’s Strategic Plan represents the collective agenda of all district stakeholders in the realization of West-MEC’s Mission and Vision. The 3-5 year plan articulates three organizational aspirations to provide students with quality educational experiences, create and maintain organizational excellence and establish/maintain community relationships.