We work to support our teachers in every way to bring outstanding programs and engaging instruction to our students. The Curriculum and Instruction Department focuses on leading the development of world class curricular models; promoting the instructional development of all stakeholders through coaching, modeling and reflective practices; and creating systems to gather data to drive continuous, meaningful improvement in teaching and learning.

Contact: Jennifer Brooks, Director of Curriculum and Instructional Specialist
Main Line: 623.738.0015

Stephen Weltsch

Stephen Weltsch

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction and Student Services

“As an Arizona native, I care about making a difference in my community. Career and Technical Education (CTE) shapes and prepares students to be college and career ready, and afterwards these same students shape our neighborhoods and workplaces. CTE Programs serve as centers of learning, skill acquisition and career development, and have a profound influence on our society.”

Jennifer Brooks_2

Jennifer Brooks

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

“West-MEC allows students the opportunity to pursue their passion and provides the solid foundation for them to be successful in their future career. I am fortunate to work with our teachers who share their own knowledge and expertise every day to support students in realizing their dreams.”

Brady Mitchell

Brady Mitchell

Curriculum & Instruction

“As a product of Career and Technical Education, I understand first hand how valuable CTE helped shaped my future.  What I love so much about West-MEC is that we get to shape the next generation of workers through Career and Technical Education just like I was when I was in High School.  I find great joy in helping our teachers continue to grow professionally in the classroom and in the lab to shape and prepare students to be college and career ready.”

Bryan Kestle_2

Bryan Kestle

Curriculum & Instruction

“I believe education creates opportunity. There is no better example of education creating opportunity than that of career and technical education.”

Layne Burkhardt

Layne Perales

Curriculum and Instruction Administrative Assistant

“Being an employee of an educational organization that promotes, encourages and has the ability to shape students into becoming successful young adults through career driven education is just one of the many reasons why I take pride in working at West-MEC. I am equally as pleased to be a parent of students who have chosen Career and Technical Education programs in which they learn the skills necessary to compete and excel in the ever changing work force.”

Susan Leon

Susan Leon

Curriculum & Instruction

“Career and Technical Education gives our future workforce the industry knowledge and leadership development to be successful, and West-MEC is the leader in the state of Arizona in this endeavor. I am honored to be able to work with the teachers of West-MEC to assist in preparing students for their future careers.”

Thomas Bogart

Thomas Bogart

Research, Evaluation & Grant Manager

“I love what I do because it allows me to develop a better understanding of organization practice. I see value in what I do because it aids in continuous improvement of the district and consequently student achievement.”