The Human Resources Department is committed to student success by recruiting highly qualified and certified instructors, quality support staff and excellent administrators. We help ensure that West-MEC complies with all Governing Board Policies, Federal and state laws, and IRS regulations. If you are interested in employment with West-MEC, please contact us with any questions.

Dr. Jack Erb, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Main Line: 623.738.0004

Current Employment Opportunities

Jack Erb

Dr. Jack Erb

Associate Superintendent of Human Resources

“West-MEC is an outstanding organization that offers premium career-driven educational pathways for both high school and adult students. These pathways enable them to gain employment thus becoming contributors to the growth and economy of Arizona.”

Patricia Halligan

Patricia Halligan

Administrative Assistant

“My focus is to hire exceptional instructors and support staff that will guide our students to exceed their expectations and accomplish their CTE goals.”