program description

The Avionics/Electronics program is designed to educate students on general and aviation electronics. Adult students will be taught avionics installation, troubleshooting, system integration and avionics operating systems including GPS systems, auto pilot, communication systems and weather radar. Upon completion of the program, students may test to receive certification with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC.)

Avionics/Electronics | 500 hours

Electronics | 160 hours

  • Concepts of voltage, current, resistance, and solid state theory
  • Various AC/DC circuit components
  • Electrical reaction in series, parallel, and series-parallel circuits
  • How to troubleshoot solid state electronics using common test equipment
  • Digital electronic concepts with lab application
  • Troubleshooting electrical circuits

Wiring | 100 hours

  • Wiring diagrams, connector types, installation tools and materials
  • Installation procedures and techniques
  • Construct a complex wire harness build-up
  • Study wiring techniques

Aircraft Electrical Systems | 160 hours

  • Theoretical and applied learning setting
  • Communication and navigation systems
  • Troubleshooting techniques for aviation electronic equipment
  • Study the theory of flight, controls, gyroscopes and gyroscopic systems
  • Modern aircraft Flight Director/Autopilot systems
  • Interconnection between the various aircraft systems
  • Microwave principles and theory for understanding radar
  • DME, TCAS, transponders, and TAWS/EGPWS systems
  • Utilize industry standard test equipment and procedures on aircraft equipment

FCC Preparation | 80 hours

  • Preparing for General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL)
  • Reviewing test questions from test book
  • Practice tests

Course Details

Tuition, fees and books
Program of Study: $4,155

Campus Details
West-MEC Central Campus
6997 N. Glen Harbor Boulevard
Glendale, AZ 85307
Hours 9:30AM-5:00PM
P 623.209.8070

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