The Superintendent’s Office provides guidance and leadership to the students and staff of West-MEC. The Superintendent’s focus is to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s careers. Working with local and state organizations is vital to the success of West-MEC and our students. Superintendent Donovan works closely with the West-MEC Member School Districts, Arizona JTEDs, business and industry partners and Arizona Legislators, to ensure we are providing our students with the highest standard of Career and Technical Education.

Contact: Dee Markham, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent & Governing Board
Main Line: 623.738.0000

Gregory Donovan

Greg Donovan


“Knowing that we are helping people pursue a career pathway that can provide employment, career opportunities and a sustainable wage is exciting. We are producing career opportunities and making education relevant and we are not selling jobs – we are providing careers!”

Dee Markham

Dee Markham

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent & Governing Board

“I learn new ideas in my position every day. If I can pass what I learn to others, then I can smile.”

Jack Erb

Dr. Jack Erb

Associate Superintendent of Human Resources

“West-MEC is an outstanding organization that offers premium career-driven educational pathways for both high school and adult students. These pathways enable them to gain employment thus becoming contributors to the growth and economy of Arizona.”

Jane Falk_2

Jane Falk

Front Desk / Conference Services

“I am proud to be a part of the West-MEC team because of our commitment to preparing students today for tomorrow’s careers. CTE empowers all students to become successful members of the community.”

Patricia Halligan

Patricia Halligan

Administrative Assistant

“My focus is to hire exceptional instructors and support staff that will guide our students to exceed their expectations and accomplish their CTE goals.”