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Western Maricopa Education Center (West-MEC) is a career and technical education (CTE) public school district located in Arizona. As a districted system, seven elected members represent a specific land and populace area. The United States Department of Justice approved these districts and they receive the same scrutiny as all electorate districted systems.


West-MEC’s boundaries span 3,600 square miles in the northern and western cities of the Phoenix Metropolitan area, and serve over 30,000 public school students at 46 high schools. Unlike traditional school districts, West-MEC focuses solely on innovative CTE programs that prepare students to enter the workforce and pursue continuing education. Every student who completes a program has the opportunity to test for licensure or certification.


Accepted students take academic courses at their home high school, then travel to one of five West-MEC campuses for part of their day. Over 25 programs in six industries are offered to juniors and seniors in high school. West-MEC financially supports member school districts to increase the availability of quality CTE programs for all students. As an education center, West-MEC also offers professional development, community classes, and adult education.

West-MEC is accredited by AdvancEd.


West-MEC’s district boundaries cover a large territory of the northern and western cities of Maricopa County. Our boundaries span 3,685 square miles and we serve students at multiple locations. We currently have 6 Central Campuses and 6 Central Program Partner Campuses to serve students. Check out our programs to find out more information about what’s in your area.


West-MEC has a variety of CTE programs that are available to all. See what services are available to you:

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